A Life Changing Moment

A Life Changing Event

As the teachers were guiding the kids out of the auditorium, the principal came around the corner and up onto the stage. She had tears in her eyes. “Thank you,”she said. “Are you kidding,”I replied. “This was so great, thank you for inviting me.”She smiled and shook her head a little, “No,”she said. “You don’t understand.”

She then went on to ask me if I remembered a little boy who had asked me a question about Africa. I nodded, “In the back row, left hand side,”I replied.

She started to cry, “That was the first time he’s spoken in over six months.”

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From Troublemaker to Participant

Portrait of student in auto mechanics

Then James was given the chance to identify his purpose and Big Five for Life. To his teacher’s surprise, he was active and engaged in the process. When he shared his results, what stood out above everything else was that he loved automobiles and wished he could spend his time working on them.

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I Want to Live

Teenager finding purpose wants to live

In her letter, she explained that reading the book, and contemplating what it meant for her life, had done more for her than the last two years of therapy. She said she could see a future now, a purpose for her life. And because of that, for the first time in a long time, she wanted to live.

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Life Safari Book Inspires Students in Africa

Group Of Students

She shared how much the story touched and inspired the young people she works with. She shared some of the challenges they face and how the messages in the book gave them hope. She also shared that she has been lending the book to individual students so they can read it again. And that many of them have never had a single book, of any kind, which was their very own.

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Big Five for Life Ends Bullying

happy and diverse volunteer group smiling outdoors

This new awareness between the students developed a sense of respect and admiration among them. It also COMPLETELY eliminated the bullying behavior which had been present before the students took place in the program.

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