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Life Safari Book Inspires Students in Africa

November 24th, 2014 | John Strelecky

It all began with a heartfelt message from a teacher in South Africa. She had been reading the book, Life Safari, to her students. Someone had given it to her as a gift, and after reading it on her own, she knew it would be perfect for her class.

She shared how much the story touched and inspired the young people she works with. She shared some of the challenges they face and how the messages in the book gave them hope. She also shared that she has been lending the book to individual students so they can read it again. And that many of them have never had a single book, of any kind, which was their very own.

In our society where we have so much, that is almost hard to imagine. For students to not have even a single book of their own….

The teacher’s message was one of pure gratitude. She asked for nothing. It also inspired us to find a way to make a difference. We are happy to say, that in partnership with her, each of those students now has a copy of Life Safari. A book of their own.

These are the types of projects which your donations enable us to do. And for that, we thank you so much!

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