Large Group of Diverse Multiethnic Students

Changing the Lives of Students

November 24th, 2014 | John Strelecky

This year, at a single school, one hundred and sixty high school freshman are being guided through the process of discovering their lifes purpose. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, these young people receive course guides, “traveler kits”, and weekly guidance and support from one of our dedicated Big Five for Life Gives instructors.

Having the opportunity to go through this experience is life changing for so many of these young people. For many, it is the first time they have ever had a sense of hope about where their life can go, and who they can become.

Most of them come from very challenging home environments. They are at the bottom of the performance spectrum compared to their fellow classmates. And in the absence of participating in our program, it is likely they would eventually drop out, or barely graduate.

We are working to make sure their future is far brighter than that.

It could not happen without the generous support of donors like you, and the dedicated Big Five for Life Gives instructors. Thank you so very much!

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