How has Big Five for Life made a difference in your life?

Submit a video or send us your comments. Here are some of the experiences others have had.

“Knowing my purpose has given me such clarity in my life. It changes the way I feel every day.”

-Sarah Taylor

 “I feel connected with the things that really matter for me!”

-Greg Handenar

 “Discovering my Big Five for Life has been such an inspiring journey. I’m so happy to be on my way!”

-Christin Williams

 “A great adventure. A roller coaster of emotions. And really clear answers!”

-Amanda Lewis

 “For the first time in my life I understand what REALLY matters to me.”

-Aaron Martin

 “I now have a clear direction to my life. Thank you so much!”

-Michael Garcia

 “The Big Five for Life has helped me get clear on what is really important in life. And the tools to do what I want with my life.”

-Emily Dean

 “Thank you! I have been all over the place with my life. Not focused at all. My eyes are now so open. I see my purpose. Thank you!”

-Joseph Morris

 “I forgot who I was. I am happy to have found myself again.”

-Haley Torres

 “This has inspired me to think about what I want to achieve in my life. Now I know I can do it. Thank you!”

-Tyler Barnes

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