In School Semester Long Course
A Life Changing Event

Your donation of just $50 enables us to help a student for an entire semester!

During that time, one of our Big Five for Life Gives experts will be in the classroom one day a week, helping that young person discover their life’s purpose and mastering the techniques to live it. This includes helping them get clear about their personal Big Five for Life.

The proven, step-by-step process we use has changed the lives of over three thousand young people already. With your assistance, we can help even more.

The benefits of this program are far reaching. Teachers report an end to bullying in the classroom, and a dramatic increase in student participation. The students say that going through the program gives them hope, direction, and courage. It changes the way they see their life, their education, and their future. Read this story to get a sense of the impact.

Your donation is what makes it all possible.


Live Presentation

Your donation helps us share the power of purpose and Big Five for Life through the live presentations we do at schools.

Please read this story to get a sense of just how powerful one of these events can be for the young people who attend.

If you’ve ever attended a live event where one of our team shared the power of purpose and Big Five for Life, you know how life changing it was for you. Imagine how powerful it would be for a young person struggling to find his or her way.

Our dedicated experts are ready to be out there making a difference. Your donation is what makes it possible.


Book Donations

Imagine never having a book of your own. Not a single one, let alone a book that inspires you. That is the reality for many young people.

Your donation helps change that.

We work directly with teachers and organizations who assist young people, to get books into the hands of those who most need them, and would otherwise not receive them.

Please read these powerful stories to understand how much of a difference your donation makes. I want to live. A teachers gift.

Through your generosity, young people will get a book of their very own. For the first time, they can underline sentences that change their life, re-read and get re-inspired from favorite passages and write their insights and epiphanies in the margins.

Things which most of us take for granted, you will make a reality for these young people.

Every $3 donation you make enables us to get a copy of The Big Five for Life, Life Safari, The Why Cafe, or one of our other books, into the grateful hands of a deserving young person.